Human Wizard


After learning that the father whose name he’d spent most of his adult life trying to clear was indeed guilty, Ezren abandoned his former life and became a wizard. Finding no masters willing to take on an apprentice of his age, he devoted himself to unlocking the mysteries of magic alone. His studies soon revealed a true aptitude for the arcane arts, and now seeks to explore the world he neglected for so long and chart a new path.

While visiting a dwarf hold and taking part in its defense against a raid, Ezren encountered Harsk in the aftermath, declaring his intent to avenge his brother even it means climbing every mountain and going down every hole in the Lost Coast. Ezren decided right away to join him, sensing a promising opportunity to see new places, find new arcane lore, and do some good at the same time. When Lini joined soon after, Ezren was happy have her along not only because she was capable of healing magic but because conversations with Harsk tend to be brief because of his gruff demeanor.


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