Dwarf Ranger


Harsk has always been an unusual sort of dwarf, preferring open skies to the cramped underground halls, the flexibility of a crossbow to the sturdiness of an axe, and tea to ale – it keeps his senses sharp. A gruff and driven dwarf, he left his home to fulfill a vow a justice to avenge his brother’s death at the hands of raiding giants. While confronting all the troubles in the Lost Coast might seem reckless, he believes he will find clues about his brother’s killers among the bandits and monsters there.

He appreciates Ezren for the arcane solutions he offers even though he is more interested finding magical lore. In Lini he finds a kindred soul that loves nature but is sometimes put off by her familiarity with the beast of the forest. He wasn’t looking for companions when he set off on his quest but is glad for their help, even if he rarely acknowledges it openly.


For Adventure, Fame, and LOOT! zypher