For Adventure, Fame, and LOOT!

Brigandoom! - Part 1

bandits, bandits, and more bandits - o my!


  • Woods
  • Waterfront
  • Farmhouse
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Academy

Here resides a small village that grew up around the local mage academy on the coast. The woods surrounding the land are dangerous, so aside the docks and a few farm houses there is not much here. That the bandits, known as the Sczarni, in the area have been stepping up their attacks is both puzzling and worrying to the academy administrators. The wizards at the school hire the adventures to end this threat by taking out the bandit leader so they can get back to their magical studies.

It was Ezren who uncovered their first lead toward finding the outlaw leader. He had gone to the academy to browse their spell library when he found an informant for the bandits among the academy’s staff! Blasting away with Force Missile, the bandit was knocked out and held for questioning.

Capturing their informant must have panicked the rest of the highwaymen because soon after they tried to ambush Lini while she was checking out a little used wooden bridge just outside of town. Thinking her the weakest because of her small build, they were in for a rude surprise when she polymorphed into a large bear and tore into them. One was slain and the rest fled from her.

Harsk surprisingly had the toughest time finding their quarry. Despite his tracking skills, the local monsters seemed determined to get into his way. It wasn’t until after he had dispatched a few beasts that he found a lone bandit, but the robber knew nothing about where his leader was hiding.

The next day, the caught spy revealed he had been paid to tip off Jubrayl Vhiski, the Sczarni leader, when cargoes of certain magical ingredients were due to arrive for the mages at the academy. He also revealed that bandit leader was hiding in the village somewhere coordinating the attacks but would be leaving soon to sell off the magical goods he currently had.

The heroes rushed out to start searching the farmhouses and docks but time was against them. They had barely searched a few farms when word reached them that Jubrayl had been spotted at the waterfront taking passage on a smuggler’s boat. The bandit leader had escaped their grasp!

While the adventures had failed to capture the Sczarni leader, the head wizard at the academy saw that those bandits left had been killed or captured by the Ezren, Lini, and Harsk. As a reward for that, the academy gave them some items from its stores in compensation .



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